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New Resort Bear Creek FD Fire Hall Unveiled

Bear Creek Township recently unveiled plans for a new fire hall/voting location. Anticipated to cost $6 million, the proposed facility aims to enhance fire protection and response times across the township. Funding would come from the Bear Creek Township general fund, the fire fund, and a millage contingent on voter approval. The proposal is set to be presented to voters during the February 2024 election. We encourage you to join us!

Additional Fire Station FAQs

Why is this fire station being considered?

The addition of this proposed station would improve fire protection and quicken response times for multiple township areas. Establishing this station could help reduce property insurance premiums for properties within 5 road miles, as part of the fire department’s Insurance Service Office ratings.

Where would the new station be located?

The proposed new building would be located at 1710 Click Rd, Petoskey.

How big is the proposed new station?

The new building would be approx. 14,000 square feet. Of this, 6,000 square feet would be used to host 8 bays of fire hall.

Would new equipment be purchased for this station?

The proposed new station would house 6 pieces of equipment currently owned by the department, while also allowing room for future growth.

How would this project be funded?

The estimated cost of the project is $6,000,000. This would be funded from the Bear Creek Township general fund and the fire fund, as well as a millage, if approved by voters.

Why is a new voting location being considered?

Since 2000, the Bear Creek Township voting-age population has grown by nearly 50%. In cooperation with the Petoskey Snowmobile Club, the Township has been using the club’s facility as a second voting location. However, this location is also being outgrown. A new township facility would provide for a larger, secure space for elections to occur, in conjunction with the space at the existing Bear Creek Township Hall.

A new voting location would provide:

✓ More voting booths in a larger space.

✓ Enhanced election security at a township-owned location.

What’s next?

Voters in Bear Creek Township will be asked to vote on a millage request to partially fund the project.

Did you know?

Resort Bear Creek Fire Department has been saving money in the fire fund for a new building for the past 20 years.

Additional Information

The Bear Creek Township Board has been hosting special meetings to work on this proposed project, and will continue to do so. Special meeting dates and times will be posted on the website:


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