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Resort Bear Creek Fire Department on fire scene
Resort Bear Creek Firefighters
Resort Bear Creek Fire Department

At Resort Bear Creek Fire Department, our dedicated team of volunteer firefighters plays a crucial role in safeguarding our community. When the call for help comes, our volunteers promptly respond to extinguish fires and administer basic emergency medical techniques, ensuring the protection of lives and property.

As a valued volunteer, you will actively contribute to the mitigation of critical incidents and act as an additional safety measure during events held within our jurisdictions — Resort Township, Bear Creek Township, and Bay Township.

Being a firefighter involves an inherent element of personal risk, but it also offers a rewarding opportunity to showcase your judgment, initiative, and skills in various emergency situations.

Continuous training is at the heart of our commitment to excellence. You'll receive comprehensive instruction to ensure you're well-prepared for any challenge that comes your way. Additionally, volunteers partake in various duties, including apparatus and equipment maintenance, as well as keeping our facilities and grounds in top condition.


Our commitment extends beyond emergencies — we actively engage in fire inspections, public education, and other fire protection activities to promote safety within the community.

As a volunteer firefighter, you'll also share responsibility for fellow crew members, department buildings, and equipment, forging strong bonds within our tight-knit team.

Embrace the opportunity to participate in all aspects of fire prevention and suppression activities on a paid on-call basis. Your dedication will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact in ensuring the well-being of our community. Join us at Resort Bear Creek Fire Department and become an essential part of our safety-focused family.

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