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Bear Creek Township and Resort Bear Creek FD Unveil Proposed New Hall

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Resort-Bear Creek Fire Department recently celebrated its 75th anniversary with an open house event that included a hot dog dinner and various engaging activities. During the event, Al Welsheimer, the fire chief, highlighted the department's growth from a small farm community to a substantial industrial-commercial entity, responding to 350-370 calls annually and providing diverse community emergency response services.

The open house also marked the unveiling of plans for a new fire hall/voting location proposal. Anticipated to cost $6 million, the proposed facility aims to enhance fire protection and response times across the township. Funding would come from the Bear Creek Township general fund, the fire fund, and a millage contingent on voter approval. The proposal is set to be presented to voters during the February 2024 election, allowing ample time for consideration and questions.

The proposed new building, with an approximate size of 14,000 square feet, would be situated at 1710 Click Road in Petoskey. The department is optimistic about the proposal's reception among voters, and Chief Welsheimer expressed the belief that the community is largely in favor of the initiative.

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